ESOL 3 – Low Intermediate

  1. Reread texts from class (class journal, short readings)-Students will read them aloud then answer questions about the material.
  2. Review workbook exercises.
  3. Practice ‘ed’ on past tense verbs.
  4. Practice irregular verbs (students will have a copy of the list).
  5. Practice writing in complete sentences with a noun and a verb.
  6. Help them write verbal stories into English. Ask them to relate a story about family life or holidays or something that happened to them. Then help them write a story. Practice reading aloud.

ESOL 4 – High Intermediate

  1. Work on writing more complex sentences, adding details and description.
  2. Editing—Have students look for things they can edit themselves, rather than having the teacher edit for them, specifically: capital letters, periods, sub-verb agreement, verb tense and few other basics, depending on what the class has covered in the text.
  3. Practice writing paragraphs (with one topic and one clear main idea).