As a child, Danielle possessed an insatiable curiosity about everything. As an adult, her inquisitiveness grew into a passionate love affair of learning about people, languages and other cultures. Her discoveries led her to this exciting juncture where her wanderlust along with her adventurous and sociable spirit helped to visualize a space for her interests to meet.

Opening a TEFL certified English school affordable for everyone regardless of race, gender, and income level speaks to Danielle’s compassion and inclusiveness for all persons. Danielle welcomes all who want to discover new wonders through the love of language.

As a Jill of many trades, some of which include being a Navy Sailor, warehouse worker, a caseworker in the mental health field, caregiver for the elderly, substitute teacher, and sometimes smother mother of three teenagers and two dogs, Danielle as a wealth of experience to add to yet another exciting life chapter.

Welcome to The English Adventure!